Survey Data Leads

Survey Responders

All our Survey Information will meet the following criteria before we offer it to you:

  • The latest survey available offering telephone and postal varying from 0-7 days to 3-12 months in recency.
  • Only from a tried and tested data source.
  • Only complete records providing name, address and telephone number.

We endeavour to ensure data quality at all times. For example, at the moment of despatch we screen against The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) except when potential clients have opted in to be contacted.

This will effectively exclude any individual who does not wish to be contacted via the telephone or mail.

We take every possible measure to ensure that data is accurate. However, a certain level of inaccuracy is almost always present in a database. Therefore, we guarantee that at the end of your campaign we will replace dead-lines, gone-a-ways or deceased records.

Mortgage Data

When questioned, all respondents have confirmed that they are home owners. We also supply a number of different question options:

  • Have a mortgage
  • Considering debt consolidation of credit cards, overdrafts and other commitments
  • Have opted in to receive a direct contact

Will Writing Leads

All respondents have confirmed they are home owners and answered the following question affirmatively:

"Would you like information/advice on how to prepare or review an existing will?" and in some instances they have confirmed that they would like an appointment.

Pension Data

All responders have confirmed that they either currently have a private pension, or are considering a private pension.

In addition, we can also select age groups and income levels.

Right To Buy

All people have responded 'YES' to the question "If you rent from the local Council/Authority, are you considering taking up your 'right to buy?'

We Can Help Most Businesses

If none of the above questions are relevent to your business then we still may be able to help you as our consumer surveys cover most products and services, please contact us to see which questions would be relevent to your business and how many people have responded in your target area.