Insurance Renewal Dates

Insurance Renewals

General Insurance

This database has been collated from online, postal & telephone survey responders.

They have confirmed the month in which their insurance is due for renewal and they have opted in to being contacted to discuss their insurance.

Insurances available:

  • Buildings & Contents.
  • Car.
  • Private Medical Insurance.

Residential PMI Leads

We have details of homeowners who have confirmed they currently have Private Medical Insurance cover. These households are excellent prospects for re-broking PMI cover.

Here are the details:

  • Name, address & telephone number.
  • Selectable by postcode area.
  • TPS screened.

Commercial PMI Leads

We currently have details of nearly 17,000 businesses across the UK which provide PMI to their staff. This information has been collated via telemarketing and includes the following details:

  • Insurance decision makers name.
  • Company name.
  • Company address.
  • Company telephone Number.
  • Current insurer (where available).

We can also provide details of households who have confirmed they currently have private PMI cover, please contact us for details.

Bespoke - Commercial Insurance

Using our in-house business database we can build a bespoke database meeting your target businesses criteria, selections include business type, turnover, number of employees & location.

We will then telemarket this database to capture the following information:

  • Insurance decision makers name.
  • Commercial insurance renewal date.
  • Existing insurer (where available).
  • Confirm trading name, address & telephone number.