Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions?

Q & A for appointment making

  • What is the criteria?
  • Minimum mortgage values of £100,000.
  • Do you have a replacement guarantee?
  • We will replace or rebook if the client cancels or is not at the agreed place at the agreed time.
  • Is appointment making outsourced or do you make them internally?
  • All our appointments are generated in house.
  • How far in advance do you book?
  • We will book your appointment approximately 1 week in advance.
  • Will you work with my Diary?
  • Yes. We will follow your diary specifications.
  • Do you have anyone in the office with financial services experience?
  • All appointments are vetted by a member of staff who has had 10 years of experience working in financial services.
  • When would I be expected to pay?
  • We take payment when we start appointment generation.

Q & A for data

  • What is recency?
  • Maximum of 3 months (last survey only)
  • Is the list provider at liberty to supply this list to who ever they wish?
  • We will not supply the same data to anyone else for a minimum of 6 months in the same industry.
  • Do you replace incorrect data?
  • We will replace number not recognised, gone-aways and any deceased records.
  • Is the list TPS screened?
  • Yes, and we TPS & MPS for 3 months free of charge.