Business Databases

Business Database Services

CPR Marketing Solutions has a system in place for exact targeting by type of business. We can even obtain a senior decision maker's home address so that you can ensure the right person reads your literature.

Data is run against our in-house master file to ensure that the data has not been supplied before over the past six months. The main criteria for the data is as follows:

  • Name of Senior Decision Maker (when available).
  • Home address or work address.
  • Office Telephone Number.

Search criteria can also include:

  • Type of Industry
  • SIC Code
  • Employee Numbers
  • Net Worth
  • Net Profit value
  • Turnover

Many additional overlays are available. Here are some examples of Employee Banding and Company Turnover.

Company Turnover

Numbers of records decrease heavily after this overlay has been applied. We recommend you keep turnover low or expand post code selections to compensate.

Employee Banding

We recommend the option of less than fifty employees because there is then a lower chance that the Company will have an in-house financial adviser.

Growing Businesses Database

Using our in-house call centre we have telemarketed and identified 7000 UK businesses that have grown consecutively for 3 years with a minimum turnover of 2 million pounds.

These are ideal prospects for products and services that are targeted towards business growth.

Top Young Entrepreneurs

Using our in-house call centre we have identified 5000 of the UK's top young entrepreneurs. They have confirmed the following:

  • They are aged between 18-35
  • They are the business owner, partner or MD
  • The company turnover is in excess of 4 million pounds
  • They have a personal wealth in excess of 1 million pounds